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EPFO Removes Aadhaar Card As Date of Birth Proof: UIDAI


EPFO Removes Aadhaar Card As Date of Birth Proof: UIDAI. In a significant move, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has revised its document verification process concerning the date of birth, excluding Aadhaar card as a valid proof. This decision follows a directive from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and aims to align with the Aadhaar Act of 2016.


The circular (No: WSU/2024/1/UIDAI Matter/4090) issued on January 16, 2024, highlighted the inadequacy of Aadhaar as a proof of birth. UIDAI clarified that while Aadhaar serves as a unique identification tool, it does not qualify as evidence of date of birth. EPFO has promptly implemented these guidelines to enhance the accuracy and reliability of its records.

Impact on Document Verification

As a consequence, EPFO will no longer accept Aadhaar cards as valid proof for date of birth. This decision has been reinforced by recent court judgments, including one by the Bombay High Court, emphasizing that Aadhaar cannot be considered a reliable source for establishing one’s date of birth.

Valid Documents for Date of Birth Proof

EPFO now recognizes the following documents as valid proof for date of birth:

Implementation and Next Steps

EPFO has initiated the necessary modifications in its application software to align with the updated guidelines. The Internal System Division (ISD) will oversee these changes. The circular emphasizes the need for all zonal and regional offices to ensure the widespread implementation of the latest guidelines.

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has made a significant update by removing Aadhaar as a valid proof for the date of birth. Individuals are now required to provide alternative documents for verification. Here is a list of valid documents to establish the date of birth.

Update on EPFO’s Proof of Date of Birth

Removal of Aadhaar as Valid Proof

EPFO has decided to no longer consider Aadhaar as a valid document for verifying the date of birth. This change necessitates individuals to furnish alternative documents during the verification process.

Valid Documents for Date of Birth Verification

1. Birth Certificate

A birth certificate issued by the competent authority is an acceptable document to establish the date of birth. It provides official confirmation of an individual’s birth details.

2. Passport

A valid passport serves as an official document that contains accurate information about the date of birth. It is widely accepted for various official purposes, including EPFO verification.

3. Driving License

A driving license, issued by the relevant transport authority, is another valid document that verifies an individual’s date of birth. It is commonly used for official identification.

4. PAN Card

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, issued by the Income Tax Department, includes the date of birth as one of the essential details. It is a valid document for EPFO verification.

5. Matriculation Certificate

The certificate issued upon the successful completion of the matriculation examination includes the date of birth. It is an official document recognized for date of birth verification.

6. Educational Certificates

Certificates from recognized educational institutions that mention the date of birth are considered valid for EPFO verification. This may include school or college certificates.

Adherence to Updated Guidelines

Individuals are advised to adhere to the updated guidelines of EPFO and ensure that the documents provided for date of birth verification align with the current requirements. This proactive approach will facilitate a smooth and hassle-free verification process.

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In conclusion, individuals dealing with EPFO verification processes should be aware of the recent change regarding Aadhaar as a valid proof for the date of birth. By providing alternative documents from the approved list, individuals can ensure a seamless verification process with EPFO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why has EPFO removed Aadhaar as proof for date of birth?

A: EPFO has aligned its policies with a directive from UIDAI, emphasizing that Aadhaar is not recognized as proof of date of birth.

Q2: What are the valid documents for date of birth according to the updated guidelines?

A: Valid documents include Birth Certificate, Marksheet, School Leaving Certificate, Certificate based on service records, PAN card, Pension Payment Order, Domicile Certificate, and Medical Certificate.

Q3: How will EPFO implement these changes?

A: EPFO has already initiated modifications in its application software, with the ISD overseeing the necessary changes. Zonal and regional offices are instructed to ensure widespread implementation.


With these changes, EPFO aims to enhance the reliability of date of birth records by adhering to the guidelines set by UIDAI. This adjustment reflects a commitment to maintaining accurate and up-to-date information for its beneficiaries.

Meta Description: Stay informed about the latest update from EPFO, where Aadhaar is no longer accepted as proof of date of birth. Discover the valid documents and the organization’s steps towards implementation.

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