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Prime Minister Modi releases Postage Stamps on Ram Temple


Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently made a significant cultural contribution by releasing commemorative postage stamps and a book centered around the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Essence of Ram Temple: Commemorative Stamps and International Appeal. This endeavor aims to showcase the international appeal of Lord Ram, encapsulating the essence of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir in intricate designs and components.

The Stamps: A Glimpse into the Design

The stamp collection features six distinct components, each meticulously crafted to represent key elements from the Ramayana. The stamps include depictions of the Ram Mandir, Choupai ‘Mangal Bhavan Amangal Hari,’ a radiant sun, the sacred Saryu River, and various sculptures found in and around the temple.

International Resonance

Accompanying the stamp release is a 48-page book that sheds light on the international resonance of Lord Ram. This collection showcases stamps issued by more than 20 countries, including the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Cambodia, and international organizations like the United Nations[^1^]. The book aims to underline the universal appeal and influence of Lord Ram on diverse societies worldwide.

The Panchabhutas Integration

What sets these stamps apart is the incorporation of the ‘Panchabhutas’ or the five physical elements – sky, air, fire, earth, and water. This symbolic design emphasizes the perfect harmony of Panchamahabhutas, believed to be essential in Hindu philosophy.

Prime Minister Modi’s Statement

In a video statement, Prime Minister Modi expressed the importance of the program, highlighting the release of six postage stamps dedicated to the Ram Temple and a book featuring stamps from around the world honoring Lord Ram.

In a significant ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released commemorative postage stamps and a book dedicated to the Ram Temple.

Honoring the Ram Temple

Commemorative Stamps

Prime Minister Modi marked the historic occasion by unveiling special commemorative postage stamps. These stamps serve as a symbolic tribute to the monumental significance of the Ram Temple, which holds deep cultural and religious importance for millions of people.

Book Release

In addition to the commemorative stamps, a book focusing on the Ram Temple was also released during the ceremony. This publication provides insights into the historical and cultural aspects surrounding the construction of the Ram Temple, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of this momentous endeavor.

Symbolism and Cultural Significance

Celebrating Heritage

The release of commemorative stamps and the dedicated book reflects the government’s commitment to celebrating and preserving India’s rich cultural heritage. The Ram Temple, a symbol of religious harmony and cultural unity, takes center stage in this commemorative gesture.

Historical Milestone

The unveiling of these artifacts serves as a reminder of the historical milestone achieved with the construction of the Ram Temple. The government’s acknowledgment through commemorative stamps and a dedicated book underscores the significance of this cultural and religious landmark.

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In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi’s release of commemorative postage stamps and a dedicated book serves as a fitting tribute to the cultural and religious heritage associated with the Ram Temple. This gesture not only commemorates a historical milestone but also emphasizes the government’s commitment to preserving and celebrating India’s diverse cultural legacy.

Key Media Coverage

Media outlets such as Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, IndiaTimes, Deccan Herald, Mint, and The Statesman have extensively covered this cultural milestone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the significance of the six components in the stamp collection?

A: The six components represent key figures and elements from the Ramayana, including the Ram Temple, Lord Ganesh, Lord Hanuman, Jatayu, Kevatraj, and Ma Shabri.

Q: How many countries are represented in the 48-page book’s stamp collection?

A: Stamps from more than 20 countries, including the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and Cambodia, are showcased in the book.

Q: What makes these stamps unique in design?

A: The incorporation of the ‘Panchabhutas’ or the five physical elements adds a symbolic touch, emphasizing the perfect harmony in Hindu philosophy.


The release of commemorative postage stamps and the associated book on the Ram Temple is a significant cultural event, reflecting the global admiration for Lord Ram. This collection, with its intricate design and international representation, serves as a testament to the universal appeal of the revered deity.

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