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Delhi Grapples with Freezing Temperatures


Delhi continues to grapple with the harsh impact of a relentless cold wave, affecting both flight and train operations. The dense fog enveloping the region has led to significant disruptions, leaving commuters stranded and causing delays in various modes of transportation.

The Chilling Scenario

The situation unfolded with as many as 18 trains to Delhi experiencing delays from different parts of the country due to the dense fog, as reported by ANI. Simultaneously, operations at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi airport took a hit, with several flights facing delays and cancellations, trapping passengers at the airport.

Impact on Flight and Rail Operations

Flight Operations

The impact on flight operations is evident from reports such as those from ABP LIVE and Goemkarponn. Passengers woke up to dense fog and freezing conditions, leading to disruptions in flight schedules. The situation remains grim, with no immediate relief in sight.

Train Delays

The effects on rail traffic are highlighted by Hindustan Times and IndiaTimes. Thousands faced disruptions as trains, too, experienced delays amidst the freezing temperatures. The capital city, including its rail network, is grappling with the challenges posed by the intense cold wave.

Weather Impact and IMD Warning

Cold Wave Conditions

The severity of the cold wave is further emphasized by Business Today and ABP News. The mercury dropped to 4 degrees Celsius, triggering an orange-red alert for dense fog and cold wave conditions. The situation is expected to persist, with the IMD warning of dense to extremely dense fog dominating during the night and early hours.

The city of Delhi is currently gripped by a severe cold wave, as the northern regions of India experience freezing temperatures. The adverse weather conditions continue to disrupt flight and train operations in the affected areas.

Chilling Conditions in Delhi

Intense Cold Wave

A relentless cold wave has descended upon Delhi, bringing about freezing temperatures that have residents bundling up to combat the chill. The cityscape is draped in frost, creating a wintry atmosphere seldom seen in the region.

Disruptions to Daily Life

The biting cold has not only impacted the comfort of residents but has also led to disruptions in daily life. Transport services, in particular, have been severely affected, causing inconvenience to those relying on flights and trains.

Transportation Woes

Flight Operations Hit

The freezing conditions have taken a toll on flight operations, with delays and cancellations affecting air travel. Passengers are advised to stay informed about their flight schedules and anticipate potential disruptions due to the ongoing cold wave.

Train Services Affected

Train operations are also grappling with the harsh weather, experiencing delays and interruptions. Commuters are urged to check for updates on their train services and plan accordingly to mitigate the impact of the challenging conditions.

Coping Strategies

Winter Precautions

Residents are advised to take necessary precautions to combat the cold, including dressing in layers, using heaters, and staying indoors as much as possible. Authorities are working to ensure the safety and well-being of the public during this challenging weather phase.

Stay Informed

As the cold wave persists, staying informed about the latest updates on transportation services and weather conditions is crucial. Travelers and residents alike are encouraged to monitor news outlets and official announcements for real-time information.

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In conclusion, Delhi finds itself in the grip of an intense cold wave, affecting not only the daily lives of residents but also causing disruptions to flight and train operations. As the city copes with freezing temperatures, individuals are urged to take precautions, stay informed, and adapt their plans to navigate the challenges posed by this severe weather phenomenon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How are flight operations affected in Delhi?

A1: Flight operations in Delhi are significantly affected, with delays and cancellations reported due to dense fog. Passengers are experiencing disruptions at Indira Gandhi airport.

Q2: Are train services impacted by the cold wave in Delhi?

A2: Yes, train services are facing delays and disruptions as a result of the intense cold wave, affecting rail traffic in and around Delhi.

Q3: What is the IMD warning regarding the current weather conditions?

A3: The IMD has issued a warning indicating that dense to extremely dense fog conditions are likely to prevail during the night and early hours in the affected regions.


As Delhi grapples with freezing temperatures and dense fog, the impact on flight and train operations remains a cause for concern. Passengers are urged to stay updated on weather advisories, and authorities are working to mitigate the challenges posed by this severe cold wave.

Meta Description: Explore the current challenges faced by Delhi as it freezes under a cold wave, impacting flight and train operations. Stay informed about the weather conditions and disruptions in the region.

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